Gigs archive 2006

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January 2006

  • 3rd January
    Theatre Royal Stratford
  • 5th January
    St.Barts Medical School, London
  • 6th January
    Windsor Arts Centre
  • 7th January
    Upstairs at The Bathouse, Soho, London
  • 9th January
    Amused Moose, Chalk Farm, London
  • 10th January
    T-Bird Comedy Club , London
  • 11th January
    Afroba, Reading
  • 14th January
    Watermans, Brentford
  • 14th January
    Too2much, Soho, London
  • 15th January
    Watermans, Brentford
  • 21st January
    Jongleurs Bow
  • 22nd January
    The Kings Head, Crouch End, London
  • 23rd January
    The Fun House Comedy Club, Derby
  • 29th January
    Comedy camp , Soho, London

February 2006

  • 5th February
    The Komedia, Brighton
  • 6th February
    Casino -Belguim TV stand up show,Brussels, Belgium
  • 13th February
    The Vagina Monologues , London

Tour of Sweden

  • 14th February
    Skelleftea, Nordanateatern, Sweden SOLD OUT!
  • 15th February
    Sagateatern, Umea, Sweden SOLD OUT!
  • 16th February
    Sagateatern, Umea, Sweden SOLD OUT!
  • 16th February
    Aula Nordica, Umea, Sweden
  • 17-18th February
    Soderhamns Teater SOLD OUT!
  • 19th February
    Sodra Teatern, Stockholm
  • 20-21st February
    Varberg - Folkets hus 7.30pm SOLD OUT!
  • 23rd February
    The Last Laugh Comedy Club, Sheffield
  • 24th February
    Amused Moose, London
  • 24th February
    Too2Much, Soho, London
  • 25-28th February
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, NEW YORK

March 2006

  • 2nd March
    Frontline Club, Paddington, London
  • 3rd March
    Swag Shop
  • 3rd March
    Funny Farm @ Jamm, Brixton
  • 4th March
    The Hackney Empire, London
  • 6th March
  • 7th March
    Pangbourne College
  • 8th March
    International Womens Day Event
  • 9th March
    Downstairs Brookes Bar , Hammersmith
  • 10th March
    Colchester Arts Centre OTK
  • 11th March
    Corporate - Denmark
  • 12th March
    Too2Much, Soho, London
  • 15th March
    Ship of Fools, Leicester
  • 16th March
    Upstairs Piano Bar Too2much
    , Soho, London
  • 17th March
    Jongleurs Camden
  • 18th March
  • 19th March
  • 23rd March
    The Custard Factory, Birmingham
  • 24th March
    Corporate - Barclays Bank Haveli
  • 25th March
    Upstairs at The Bathouse , Soho, London
  • 26th March
    Laughing Cows, Manchester

April 2006

  • 6-9th April
    Watermans, Middlesex
  • 13-16th April
    Watermans, Middlesex
  • 18th April
    Comedy Camp, Soho, London
  • 19th April
    Cardiff Wharf
  • 22nd April
    Parsippany Holiday Inn, NJ, USA
  • 26th April
    Big Jack's Laughter Club, Reading
  • 28th April
    Lewisham Comedy Festival
  • 30th April
    Theatre Royal Stratford

May 2006

  • 1st May
    The Littel Apple, Kennington, London SE11
  • 6th May
    The Lock and Load Comedy Club, Blackburn
  • 7th May
    Club Cuba, Galway, Ireland
  • 9th May
  • 11th May
    TV Show "Raymann is Laat", Nighttown Theater Rotterdam
  • 17th May
    Brew Ha Ha , London
  • 18th May
    The Vauxhall Tavern , London
  • 20th May
    Funny Girlz - Herbst Theatre, San Fransisco USA
  • 21st May
    The Punchline, San Fransisco CA
  • 23rd May
    Mark Pitta and Friends, San Fransisco CA
  • 24th May
    Cobbs Comedy Club , San Fransisco CA

June 2006

  • 1st June
    The Clapham Comedy Club , London
  • 2nd June
    OTK Slough
  • 3rd June
    Hampstead Comedy Club, London
  • 3rd June
    Apollo West End
    Lower Regent Street, London
  • 3rd June
    The Cross Lances, Middlesex
  • 6th June
    Too2Much, Soho, London
  • 8th June
    New show "Fun in Paradise" Soho Theatre, London
  • 9 - 10th June
    New show "Fun in Paradise" Soho Theatre SOLD OUT!, London
  • 12th June
    Pen to Paper Comedy Club, Ealing, London
  • 23rd June
    The Drum, Birmingham
  • 24th June
    Watermans, Brentford
  • 25th June
    Too2Much , Soho, Londo
  • 29th June
    The Window 1 Hour Show, Islington, London

July 2006

  • 4th July
    Kings Heath, Birmingham
  • 7th July
    Brockley Jack Theatre
  • 8th July
    Rise London United, Finsbury Park, London
  • 8th July
    The Leytonstone Festival
  • 9th July
    Pen to Paper Comedy Club
    Finnegans Wake The Green, Ealing, London W5 5QX
  • 11th July
    The Courtyard Theatre
    Kings Cross, London
  • 13th July
    Comedy Candy, The Lion , Stoke Newington, London,
  • 14th July
    OTK Loughborough University
  • 18th July
    Pleasance Studio Edinburgh
  • 20th July
    The Last Laugh Comedy Club, Sheffield
  • 21st July
    The Ealing Comedy Festival
  • 26th July
    Theatre Royal Stratford
  • 27th July
    The Paul Robeson Theatre Edinburgh Preview (1 hour show)
    CentreSpace, Treaty Centre High Street, Hounslow TW3 1ES
  • 28th July
    Brewhouse, Taunton
  • 29th July
    Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow
  • 30th July
    WOMAD Festival, C/o Rivermead Sports Centre

August 2006

  • 2nd - 28th August
    The Edinburgh Festival
    My new show 'Fun' at 9.30pm 2nd - 28th August 2006 in The Pleasance Dome 10
  • 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 20, 24th August
    Funny Women at the Fringe
    The Assembly Rooms show starts at 6.15pm
  • 11, 12th August
    Bent Double
    The Assembly Rooms 11PM
  • 25th August
    Rude Girls
    The Underbelly Cowgate show starts at 11.45pm

September 2006

  • 17th September
    FUN - Arts Depot BarnetSOLD OUT!
  • 22nd September
    Banana Cabaret, Balham, London
  • 27th September
    The Teak Show Comedy Night
    Groundfloor at the Boardwalk, Soho, London
  • 29th September
    Cabaret Heaven Brundenell
  • 30th September
    Hebden Bridge Leeds

October 2006

  • 1st October
    Da Comedy Room Ipswich
  • 5th October
    The Comedy Pub , London
  • 7thOctober
    Otley Courthouse Arts Centre
  • 8th October
    Comedy Camp Birmingham
  • 9th October
    Madame Jo-Jo's, London
  • 12th October
    The Glasgow Hilton- corporate
  • 13th October
    The Glass Bar, London
  • 14th October
    Da Comedy Room, Harrow London
  • 15th October
    The Shaw Theatre, London
  • 17th October
    The Black Horse , London
  • 19th October
    Club Fandango Show , Plymouth, Devon
  • 20th October
    Jacksons Lane Theatre, Archway, London
  • 21st October
    Upstairs at The Bathouse , Soho, London
  • 23rd October
    The QI Club Oxford
  • 27th October
    Funny Women at Turnmills, London
  • 28th October
    Upstairs at The Bathouse, Soho, London
  • 29th October
    Funny Women Manchester Comedy Festival

November 2006

  • 6th November
    Cambridge University Students Union

Tour of India

  • 9th November
    67, Juhu Tara Road, Opp. Ramada Palm Grove, Juhu, Mumbai - 400 049
  • 10th November
    St Xavier's College (Ithaka Festival), Mumbai
    Newport Shropshire TF10 8NB
  • 11th November
    153/A, Varun Complex, Near Dèmach House, Opp. Bhandarkar Institute, Law College Road, Pune - 411 004,
  • 15th November
    Club Extreme, Golders Green London
  • 18th November
    Jacksons Lane Theatre
    269a Archway Road, London, N6 5AA
  • 19th November
    11, Walkers Court Soho, London W1
  • 21st November
    Comedy Camp , Soho London
  • 26th November
    Stratford East Theatre

December 2006

  • 1st December
    NEW YORK Improv Comedy Club
  • 7th December
    Kayla's Comedy, Harrow
  • 15th December
    Colchester Arts Centre
  • 20th December
    OTK Exeter