The Sun- What women think about during sex

28 April 2010

WHEN you ponder what's on your man's mind during those intimate moments together, probably the last thing you'd have imagined is strapping footballer Emile Heskey.


Em for men ... Sun story But as we revealed yesterday, when blokes are building up to the final whistle in the bedroom, many admit that thinking about the 6ft 2in England and Aston Villa star is their favourite method of prolonging the action.


So what do women think about on the way to reaching their goal? George Clooney, perhaps? Robert Pattinson?


Here six great writers tell NIKKI WATKINS and CHARLOTTE MARTIN what really scores with them between the sheets.


Shazia Mirza,34, single COMEDIAN

I'VE waited for sex for so long now, I think the only way I'm going to get it is if it snows heavily and someone slips on to me.


So when I do get it, you'd think I'd make the most of it.


Scary experience ... Shazia Women's lives are so much busier than men's. I've got friends who tell me that during sex they are mentally writing a to-do list, remembering clothes they have to wash, what they've got to buy at Tesco's or those shoes they love in Selfridges.


Sex can be a scary experience for some women, and sometimes just a chore.


It's never what you want or expect, constantly thinking: "God, I hope I don't have to do this to him in return," or: "Oh, let's just get this over and done with, Graham Norton's on in a minute."


A friend of mine, who really loves her husband, told me that during sex she can't help thinking about all the men she secretly really desires, like Jeremy Beadle and Jeremy Paxman.


But of course I'm sure sex can be great, but as you get older you can't help thinking: "I'm too old for this, I'm knackered and I've got so much to do.


"I think I'll just save sex for holidays, Christmas and the odd encounter on an M6 layby."


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