05 October 2010

Wicked Wenches - 5 October 2010- The Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh
Posted on 06/10/2010 by one4review

Following the second interval and prize draw, Susan Calman introduced Shazia Mirza, our headline act of the evening.

I have seen Ms Mirza quite a few times over the years and have to say have always enjoyed her as a performer. Birmingham born of Asian heritage she always has a lot to say and the quality of her material is never in doubt. As well as a stand-up she does a lot of writing too, and the erudite nature of her set is testimony to this. Shazia always has plenty to say on her culture and upbringing, possibly able to go places with it that others may fear to tread, but never pushes the boundaries too far.


From the off she was drawing howls of laughter with the majority of her well written and confidently delivered performance, and when she smiled the whole stage was illuminated. She majored on a recent excursion to Buckingham Palace, an event that was comedy gold for a comedian of her calibre, and boy did she make use of this. Shazia, although pretty well known in the comedy world, in my opinion deserves to be a household name, and let's hope this occurs sooner than later.



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