Pause for Thought- BBC Radio 2

27 January 2016

I will be continuing my regular slot doing 'The Pause for Thought'- the thought for the day which I write and perform live on The Vanessa Feltz Show BBC Radio 2 at 5.45 am- Yes AM! Way too early for normal people but you can always listen on BBCiplayer



14th January- Unity    Listen here:          

6th Feb- Learning from our mistakes      

13th Feb- Love                                      

26th March- What is power?                    

2nd April- Holy week                               

9th April- What would I change about myself?

16th April- Liberation                              

8th May- Freedom                                    programmes/ p01ypxyd

2nd July- Faith in action                        programmes/ p02w3kjm

28th August- My favourite world record   programmes/ p030ywqb

4th September- Fresh starts                    programmes/ p031khd5

13th November- Light in the darkness     programmes/ p037ygd5

27th November- Hope                            programmes/ p039c60t