Shazia in Pakistan

30 November 2008

Shazia becomes the first British comedian to perform in Pakistan at The 25th World Performing Arts Festival 11th- 16th November 2008 LAHORE PAKISTAN

"Celebrated British stand-up comedian Shazia Mirza, whose parents were born in Pakistan, had a packed hall roaring with laughter at her politically incorrect, bawdy lines delivered with deadpan confidence.She has been to Pakistan before, but this was her first time performing here."


She told IPS she had been apprehensive about coming to Pakistan "given the state it's in" but all her fears were unfounded. "I was also worried about whether they'd laugh at themselves. I was really surprised. It's been a fantastic experience.They understood all the references and laughed and weren't offended."

Int'l Performing Arts Fest Spotlights Liberal Pakistan By Beena Sarwar (IPS)


"Shazia Mirza created a sensation at the Festival"


"The performances by Shazia Mirza gathered some of the largest crowds of any performance"


"I was wowed by the performance given by this comedian"


"The comedian Shazia Mirza, joked about hormonal fanatics, "horny clerics" and the sexually challenged Lahori male. Audiences lapped it up!"


"This stand up comic's show was incredibly well attended and Shazia Mirza caused many a reaction, especially with the auntie crowd."

The News on Sunday INSTEP

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